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Arch, KDE5, Plank. May 2016

Been a while since I've been in the land of FOSS. Stretching my legs and re-aquaianting myself, I am!

This time I aim to do things properly! No whole switching of systems just because I wanna try stuff! No, Sir! I shall focus on use and functionality! Arch was a quick setup, had all the apps I wanted, everything up-to-date, and yes: I could mess about with plenty of WMs/DEs if I wanted.

All that said: I wish I could go for FreeBSD, but there are some apps I wanted that I can't reach there (at least not easily (Natron, Cinelerra, maybe some proprietary options if/when I get more "professional/serious"about my whole shtick)

Most of my alterations are behind-the-scenes keyboard shortcuts, but I still rather like what I've done.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit belongs to Disney, btw. Kingdom Hearts to Disney/SquareEnix. The wallpaper can be found here: (in the download file)


3 years, 4 months ago

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