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Desktop Panorama

Updated my Desktop and thought I should replace the existing panorama-screenshot I did :)

OS: Voidlinux WM: Fluxbox Screen: 1024x600, 9 Workspaces

WS #1: ROXterm + tmux 'mutt' for mail, script that runs 'offlineimap' every 10 minutes, 'weechat' with 'bitlbee' for twitter (my newsfeed)

WS #2: ROXterm 'irssi' for IRC

WS #3 ROXterm + tmux 'screenfetch' / 'zsh' with oh-my-zsh / normal terminal window, 'htop' for system monitoring, 'iftop' for networkmonitoring

WS #4 Vimb (vim-like webkit webbrowser)

WS #5 ROXterm + tmux 'newsbeuter' filled with 184 youtube-RSSfeeds (browser set to 'mpv'), 'mpsyt' for specific youtube-searches

WS #6 ROXterm + tmux 'cava' for music visualization, 'ncmpcpp' as 'MPD' frontend (musicplayer)

WS #7 web-version of telegram opened in 'vimb' (usage of dark css-style)

WS #8/9 custom 'conky'


3 years, 5 months ago

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